Other services

Coronary Heart Disease

This is a dedicated clinic run once a month and appointments are booked by the doctor.


By Appointment. 

Asthma/Lung Disease (COPD) 

There are dedicated clinics each month.

Drug Counsellor

By Appointment on Friday mornings. 

Family Planning

Provided by all the doctors and nurses in the practice in surgery times.Women on the contraceptive pill need a 6 monthly check with the practice nurse. Women on HRT need an annual HRT check with the practice nurse. Women need to remember to make an appointment for these checks before running out of medication. The nurse will issue repeat prescriptions once the checks have been completed.Coil insertion and cap fitting by special appointment in the Well Woman clinic.

Well Woman (Dr Postgate/Dr Reddy)

By Appointment. Oral Contraception, Coil Fittings, Contraceptive implant fitting, Diaphram fitting, Menopause problems. Screening for sexually transmitted infections.


Please be aware that this practice does not offer Minor Surgery procedures.  Thank you.