Fees for Non-NHS Services

Letters and reports

Our doctors’ priority is to focus on the medical care and health needs of our NHS patients. Writing certain letters or filling out forms is done in the doctors’ own time, outside of the day-to-day care of their patients. The practice charges fees for certain medical letters, reports and certain medical examinations. These fees reflect the time spent by the doctors and the administrative team and are the standard fees recommended for such work by the British Medical Association. You can read more here about why GPs sometimes charge fees on the BMA’s webpage here.

Our fees are listed below. If you are happy to proceed, then it will be passed on to the relevant GP and you will be contacted once it has been completed.


Letter with a brief summary of medical history:


Housing-related matters

If your feel that your current housing is unsuitable because of the way it affects your health problems, or if you believe that your health problems should make you a priority for rehousing, then you should contact the council directly and they will ask you to fill out a form to support your claim.

If the council require further information regarding your health problems, then they will write directly to your GP.  If you would like a detailed letter, the fee is £25 per letter and the current turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks. Please do not ask your GP directly for this during an appointment.

Support letter for housing:


“To whom it may concern” letters:


Support for PIP claims 

Please be advised that you do not need a letter from your doctor to submit an application for PIP. There are specific forms that need to be filled in by the person claiming PIP and a separate form that gets sent to the doctor. There is no need for a letter from your doctor.  

Please see this link for help and advice about submitting a claim: https://www.gov.uk/pip/how-to-claim

Once you have received the appropriate form, further advice on how to complete it is available via the link below: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benefits/sick-or-disabled-people-and-carers/pip/help-with-your-claim/fill-in-form/  

If you still want a letter to support your claim, this has to be done outside of normal GP working hours so there will be charge of £25 for this. We can also provide a short letter with a list of your medical problems for £10.

Please note we are currently extremely busy and there is likely to be a significant wait before this can be done. 

Medical examinations and reports

Short insurance claim forms:

For example, travel insurance or medical insurance claims (cost depends on level of detail required to complete form)


Doctors report for insurance applications:


Supplementary report following previous insurance application:


PSG/HGV/Taxi medical report:


Adoption or fostering medical:

Payable by the patient or by the local authority


Witnessing application for Power of Attorney:


Doctors report or medical questionnaire:

For example, requests to fill out a proforma for information from solicitors or insurance applications


Medical report requiring a private appointment for full consultation and physical examination:


Forms relating to central government departments and agencies (i.e. DWP, accessible transport) do not carry any charge.