Well Baby Clinic

We offer a Baby Clinic at the practice with the Practice Nurse and Doctor who offer pre-bookable appointments every Tuesday afternoon.  

We aim to offer a pre-arranged schedule in baby clinic on the birth of your new baby, and you will be sent an invitation after your delivery.  If you are a new patient please register your baby as soon as possible after birth.  If your baby is over 6 weeks old when registering please contact us to arrange appointments for child health screening and immunisations. 

•    At 6 weeks you will have telephone or video appointments with Dr Postgate for both your baby’s developmental check and your post-natal check

•    At 8 weeks your baby will be seen for a face-to-face examination with Dr Postgate. We aim to combine this appointment with the nurse immunisation appointment for your safety and convenience.

 •    At 8 weeks your baby will have their first immunisations with Practice Nurse Susan Thorp. She will call you in the morning to discuss the immunisations by telephone first.

•    At 12 weeks your baby will have their second immunisations.

•    At 16 weeks you baby will have their third immunisations.

•   Your Health Visitor will offer telephone or video review 2 weeks after your baby is born, and if there is a concern about weight gain the health visitor will book you into their clinic at Gospel Oak Health Centre. The Health visitor will also offer feeding and postnatal advice as required.

•    Please note that BCG immunisations are not done at the surgery.  You will be sent a letter for an appointment at Gospel Oak Health Centre for this if not already completed before discharge from hospital.

•    We welcome partners at the developmental check and are very happy to see new fathers, parents or carers for postnatal checks so that we can address any health related queries after the birth of your baby.

•    Breastfeeding support is available from the Camden Breastfeeding Team on 07808 891 260.