Medical Records

All our patient records are kept on computer. We can assure patients of complete confidentiality at all times. The Data Protection Act also protects your rights.

The following people may access your records in the course of providing your care:

  • General Practitioners
  • Practice Nurses
  • Receptionists
  • District Nurses
  • Health Visitors
  • other professionals involved in your care.

Access To Medical Records

You have a right to see your medical records, subject to the limitations of the Data Protection Act 1998. Should you wish to see your records please write to the practice manager who will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to come in to the surgery to read them. There will be an administration and photocopying fee payable.

Computerised Patient Records

Selected individuals receive reminders for health checks and screening examinations. These include child immunisations, smear tests, mammograms and flu vaccinations. People with long term conditions such as diabetes receive reminders for tests on their blood, eyes and feet. Some procedures are carried out by the practice while others are arranged by Camden Primary Care Trust.

Confidential registers of people who need these procedures are maintained on computer and audited by Camden PCT. They are used to plan and deliver services and also send invitations and results to patients on behalf of general practitioners.

Sending us photos for review

You may be asked to send photos to the practice during your telephone consultation with a doctor (for example, of a rash you would like reviewed). These can be sent either in reply to a secure text message or to our secure email account

Please include your name and date of birth when sending photos by email to the practice. Please do not send photos unless they have been requested by a doctor or nurse. All photos received are saved in your medical records and data is handled according to NHS data protection and information governance requirements.

Video consultations

We offer video consultations to our patients via a service called Accurx which has been approved for this purpose by NHS Digital and does not entail any storage of patient-related data.