Rights and Responsibilities

Respect for Privacy, Dignity and Religious and Cultural Beliefs

  • You will be treated politely by our staff at all times
  • We respect your privacy during consultations and treatment
  • All information about you is treated as confidential
  • We respect your religious and cultural beliefs
  • We will always seek your permission in involving you with research and/or medical students
  • We will show no discrimination to our patients on the grounds of race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition and will treat everyone as an individual

Staying Healthy

  • We will endeavour to help you to achieve the best state of health possible
  • We will offer advice and seek to inform you of the steps you can take to promote good health and to avoid illness
  • We will offer appropriate services to promote health, such as Child Health Surveillance and Adult Health Checks Your Treatment
  • We will involve you as much as possible in the making of decisions around your treatment. You should be given a clear explanation of your illness and its treatment, alternative treatments and the likely outcome
  • We will provide co-ordinated and appropriate care for people with chronic illness Information about the Surgery
  • We will keep you informed of our services and any developments through our practice booklet, notice boards in the waiting room and verbally

How you can help us:

  • Please treat all surgery staff with courtesy at all times; they are often working in very busy stressful situations
  • Do not ask for information about anyone other than yourself
  • Do ask if there is anything you don’t understand

Patients’ rights to General Medical Services:

Patients have the rights to:

  • be registered with a practice
  • choose their usual doctor
  • be offered a health check on joining the practice
  • receive emergency care at any time from the practice
  • receive appropriate drugs and medicines
  • be referred for specialist or second opinion if they and the GP agrees
  • have the right to view their medical records, subject to the Acts and to know that those working for the NHS are under legal obligation to keep the contents confidential